Inspiring a Revolution in Your Heart and Mind

A transformative course based on the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Join us as we take you an experiential journey through The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Discover a deep and universal wisdom explored in the major themes of the book, and learn about their practical implications for living well. Suitable for people of any religion or of none, this course encourages you to reflect on the Buddhist teachings, to see what makes sense to you and to experiment with applying these teachings in your daily life.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying is widely regarded as one of the most complete and authoritative presentations of Tibetan Buddhism. A manual for life and death and a source of sacred inspiration from the heart of the Tibetan tradition, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying provides a lucid and inspiring introduction to the practice of meditation, to the nature of mind, to karma and rebirth, and to the trials and rewards of the spiritual path. The teachings, meditation and contemplations from this authentic tradition reveal how each of us can live a more meaningful, connected and fulfilling life.

You will learn:

Led by Western meditation instructors with many years of experience, each session consists of:


This course is suitable for everyone


Avila Carmelite Centre
Bloomfield Avenue
Morehampton Road
D04 YF66


5 Week course
Start date:  8 April
End date: 13 May, (no class on Bank holiday Monday 6th May)


7 p.m. –  9 p.m. Irish Time, including a tea break ☕



Tony Mealy

Tony Mealy portraitTony has been following the Buddhist path for nearly 10 years during which he has attended and supported courses in Dublin and online. He has also attended retreats in Dzogchen Beara. He has been a member of the Rigpa Dublin management group and is currently a member of the Rigpa Ireland Board. He has also participated in a number of Rigpa International strategy workshops.


Geraldine Clare

Geraldine has been studying Buddhadharma for over twenty years. Her meeting with the teachings was of major significance in her personal journey. She is a Rigpa instructor who has facilitated and presented on many programmes and courses. Her other voluntary activities at present include the role of National Coordinator for Rigpa Ireland and currently serves on its Board of Directors.
Geraldine has a professional qualification in accountancy, and worked in leadership roles in the corporate and voluntary sectors. But she also has a keen interest in training and personal development and holds an Accredited Diploma in Life and Business Coaching and a Certificate in Training and Continuing Education from NUI in Maynooth.



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