Rigpa North Coast

Giant's causeway

Rigpa North Coast study group, Coleraine, Northern Ireland
Email: northcoast@rigpa.ie

Supporting Rigpa North Coast study group

Welcome to Rigpa North Coast study group- We offer public guided meditation and run a program of Tibetan Buddhism study classes.

Open to the public – Weekly guided meditation

Rigpa Students – Sangha Programme

Monthly Gatherings and bi-weekly Study Group

Rigpa North Coast is part of the registered charity Rigpa Ireland CHY 19478.

Upcoming Events

Softening the Heart, Awakening the Mind
dzigar kongtrul rinpoche
26th September - 31st December 2020

Going Beyond Mind
Martin Leonard portrait
Online weekly course
30th September - 26th November 2020

Coming Home to Ourselves
16th - 17th January 2021