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Rigpa North Coast study group

Welcome to Rigpa North Coast study group. We offer public guided meditation and run a program of Tibetan Buddhism study classes.

Resting the mind

weekly guided meditation (on zoom)

Rest your mind

Settle your turbulent thoughts through the practice of mindfulness,
Rest spaciously with awareness and clarity

Contact northcoast@rigpa.ie to get access

This event is free of charge, donations are welcome

Study Programme – Revolution of Mind & Heart: A Closer Look at Buddha, Dharma and Sangha (currently on zoom)

This nine-month course is exploring the Buddhist path to awakening through reflecting on the example of the Buddha, understanding the fundamental message of his teachings, the Dharma, and looking into the value and purpose of the spiritual community—the Sangha—dedicated to following in the Buddha’s footsteps.

Please contact northcoast@rigpa.ie for more details on how to join.

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Rigpa North Coast is part of the registered charity Rigpa Ireland CHY 19478.

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Upcoming Events

Resting the mind
Rest your mind
Online meditation
Monday evenings
6th - 6th June 2023

Finding Peace where there is none
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Online, every Saturday morning
6th August - 17th December 2022

Path to Freedom 2022
Uncover buddha nature
Online course
Wednesday evenings
14th September - 14th December 2022

Tibetan Book of Living and Dying course
Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Hybrid online and in Rigpa Dublin centre
22nd September - 15th December 2022

Turning Suffering and Happiness into Enlightenment
Turning Suffering and Happiness into Enlightenment
Online, Tuesday evenings
11th October - 27th June 2023