The Way of the Great Perfection

The Way of the Great Perfection is Rigpa‘s main study programme for Rigpa students on all levels (All Encompassing Path). This course explores the main principles of the preliminary practices (called Ngöndro in Tibetan) which are a complete path themselves and also the foundation for the further Vajrayana and Dzogchen practices.

Our senior and most experienced Rigpa teachers guide us through the key principles of the Ngöndro, helping us to discover or revisit these principles in a fresh, up-to-date, real life way. We will dig into the framework of these practices with an out-of-the box perspective while preserving their authenticity entirely.

The goal of this multi-year programme is for us all – no matter where we are on the path – to arrive at a thorough and complete understanding of what the teachings tell us about following the spiritual path and the different methods included in the Ngöndro so we reach a complete certainty on how we apply them in our practice and in daily life and ultimately realise the innermost nature of our own minds.

The programme comprises of:

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How can I follow?

there are two ways you can participate in the programme:

1: Monthly sessions only: Everyone in the Rigpa sangha can join the monthly live sessions without being registered. These sessions will be available on Prajna for any Rigpa student who is registered to the Prajna Website (no need for a paid subscription).

2: Join the full programme which includes the monthly sessions plus weekly study on zoom (Tuesdays) and other materials. This course and the study materials are freely available to registered Rigpa students committed to the Path offered by Rigpa. Contact your local centre/group for information about joining Rigpa. You can also contact for enquiries about joining Rigpa if you do not live near any centre.

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