Courses & Events
Being Bodhi
Online on Zoom
23rd June 2024

Inspiring a Revolution in Your Heart and Mind
Avila Carmelite Centre
Bloomfield Avenue Morehampton Road
1st July - 12th August 2024

Meditation in Action
Online on Zoom
4th July - 8th August 2024

Beginners Medical Qigong
Beginners Medical Qigong thumbnail
Bru Columbanus
Cardinal Way, Wilton
7th September 2024

Guided Meditations
Time to Meditate Tuesdays Dz. Beara
person meditating close-up
3rd October - 24th December 2024

Resting the mind, Mondays online
Rest your mind
Rigpa North Coast
8th January - 16th December 2024

Simply Sitting Saturdays
simply sitting saturdays thumbnail image
Rigpa Dublin
12 Wicklow Street
15th June 2024

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What Meditation Really Is ~ Khandro Rinpoche
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Meet our teachers

Teachers and Practice Holders were formally introduced to the Rigpa sangha in August 2021 as those who are requested by Rigpa’s Vision Board & Spiritual Advisors to take the lead in guiding our community’s study and practice.

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