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Rigpa’s Dublin meditation centre, established in 1986, is a place to discover and connect with the practice of meditation drawn from the authentic wisdom of Tibetan Buddhist teachings.  Our centre is in the heart of Dublin.

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For the Public

Meditation & Loving Kindness online

Here is an opportunity to find a quiet space, come to sit together in silence and practice. Meditation room at Rigpa Dublin

Dates and  Time:

Tuesdays May through to June 21.
Login opens at 7:00 pm, giving time to arrive and settle.
Practice starts at 7:10pm and finishes around 8:00 pm.

How to Access and Prepare:
Please register by clicking on this Zoom link. Once you’ve filled in the details, a Zoom link will be sent to your email account for that month’s sessions. Alternatively, you can register at the Rigpa Dublin Meetup page. Download the Zoom application to your device here.

We look forward to practising with you.

Sangha Gatherings 2022

The next Sangha gathering will be on Sunday June 12, 10.00-13.00 in the Dublin centre. All welcome. To join via zoom, please email.


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For Rigpa Students

All-Encompassing Path Study Programme

Revolution of Mind & Heart: A Closer Look at Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

Tuesdays 7-9pm, Oct 2021 – July 2022, online

This nine-month course will explore the Buddhist path to awakening through reflecting on the example of the Buddha, understanding the fundamental message of his teachings, the Dharma, and looking into the value and purpose of the spiritual community—the Sangha—dedicated to following in the Buddha’s footsteps.



Rigpa Dublin  is part of the registered charity Rigpa Ireland CHY 19478 RCN 2007645.
Our centre activities are run solely by volunteers.

Where to Find Us

Rigpa Dublin, 3rd floor, 12 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 Telephone: +353 (0)1 670 3358 Email: dublin@rigpa.ie facebook twitter

Upcoming Events

Path to Freedom 2022
Uncover buddha nature
Online weekly course
12th January - 14th December 2022

Taking care of your mind 
athlone event
Rigpa Athlone
1 Bastion street
4th May - 29th June 2022

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