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Rigpa Cork
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Supporting Rigpa Cork Meditation Centre

Rigpa Cork was established in 1994 to support the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Since then, we have continued to offer an open and welcoming environment in which to explore the Tibetan Buddhist teachings on meditation and compassion.   We aspire to provide support and a refuge for both practicing sangha and those new to meditation. All are welcome.


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Time to Meditate – Cork Mondays

Weekly Meditation and Loving Kindness/Compassion practice on a ‘drop-in ‘ basis. Light guidance given. Guided Loving Kindness / Compassion practice.

Dates and times: resuming 15th April
Mondays, 7.30 pm. – 8.30pm
Location: in-person and on Zoom
Cost: suggested donation of €5

Being Bodhi

Explore what awakening looks like in today’s world in this half day event

23  June  2024  |  Zoom
11:00 – 15:00 CEST
free event, donation based.

Meditation in Action

Are you looking to cultivate a calm and clear mind amidst the pressures of your daily life?

6 week course
4 July – 8 August  2024
7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Online on Zoom

All-Encompassing Path to Enlightenment

The Way of the Great Perfection is Rigpa‘s main study programme for Rigpa students on all levels.

  • Monthly live sessions
  • Weekly study sessions

Fortnightly Ngondro practice (online)

An online opportunity for Ngondro practitioners to practice  the Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro together

Every 2 weeks from 9.45 am to 11 am. Please use your ‘Guide to the Practice of Ngondro. We recite the text mostly in English .
Please request the zoom link from Rigpa Cork: rigpa.cork@gmail.com and use the same link for each session until you receive a new one.

The coming dates are 

Irene Wunderlich

Instructor – Irene Wunderlich

Irene Wunderlich has been a Rigpa student for 20 years.

She has completed the 3-year home retreat and attended many retreats at Dzogchen Beara retreat centre.

She became part of the Rigpa Cork instructor team in 2013 where she regularly holds guided meditations, Loving Kindness and compassion practices.

Rigpa Students – Monthly Gathering

For Rigpa Students, next Sangha gathering : Saturday 7th October, 10am – 1pm
Please contact us cork@rigpa.ie for information.

Rigpa Students – Dzogchen Mandala Study Programme

This programme is restricted to Dzogchen Mandala students.
For more information please contact us cork@rigpa.ie

Rigpa Ireland Limited  is a registered charity,  Company Registration Number 492745, Charities Regulatory Authority ref. 20076450, and has confirmed charitable status from the Revenue Commissioners, ref. CHY 19478. 

Our centre activities are run solely by volunteers.

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Upcoming Events

Meditation & The Four Noble Truths 
Rigpa Athlone
1 Bastion street
20th September - 20th June 2024

Time to Meditate Tuesdays Dz. Beara
person meditating close-up
3rd October - 24th December 2024

The Way of the Great Perfection
17th October - 25th June 2024

Resting the mind, Mondays online
Rest your mind
Rigpa North Coast
8th January - 16th December 2024

Path to Freedom
Uncover buddha nature
Online course
Wednesday evenings
17th January - 26th June 2024