Ringu Tulku Rinpoche returns to Dzogchen Beara

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche was teaching in the UK and Ireland in June and the Irish Sangha has been very fortunate to welcome him again to Dzogchen Beara for a weekend of teachings with 108 registered participants!

The theme of the weekend was the three trainings: Discipline, Meditation and Wisdom. With his usual clarity and humor, Rinpoche explained how each of the trainings is a method to transform our destructive emotions. At the end of each session, Rinpoche always made time to answer questions and share jokes!

Ringu Tulku in Dzogchen Beara

He reminded us that the main goal of Dharma practice is to work with our habits and transform our mind to make it more conducive to peace, wellbeing and compassion and free us from suffering.

“Meditation can help us be able to control our mind. We learn to relax and make our mind rest a little. We don’t have to be busy and entertained all the time, we can be quiet. Doing nothing and being aware of oneself can be very fulfilling.” – Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

On the last day, on the topic of Wisdom, Rinpoche translated and commented on a profound pith instruction by Mipham Rinpoche: The Mahāmudrā Practice of Stillness, Movement and Awareness. The retreat finished with clarifications on emptiness and the clear light quality of the nature of the mind.

We are very grateful to Rinpoche for being such a long time friend of Dzogchen Beara and the Rigpa Sangha and for his tireless efforts to share the Dharma and benefit beings. May Rinpoche’s life be long and his activities flourish!

To learn more about Ringu Tulku’s teachings and activities, visit bodhicharya.org

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