Rigpa Dublin Event: The Three Approaches to Healing –  online by Alain Beauregard

On Saturday 21st October 2023, Rigpa Dublin organised a wonderful session with Alain Beauregard called “The Three Approaches to Healing” who joined us online. There were 5 people gathered in the Dublin centre and 20 online, most were from Europe but also some joined us from the US. 

Alain featured

Alain shared with us his deeply inspirational journey with his own experience of cancer.  He was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer in 2006, at the age of 46. Doctors said that his cancer, having metastasized to several other locations in his body, was incurable and at best, treatment would prolong life by some months. In less than three months of receiving chemotherapy, combined with working on working with deep-seated emotional aspects (which he considers as important components of the disease), and doing spiritual healing practices, Alain’s cancer went into complete remission. He has been clear of cancer to this day.

Alain spoke about the three levels of healing:




The doctors looked after the physical aspect of his illness. He spoke about the emotional level of healing traumas from our past. And on the spiritual level he spoke about connecting with our fundamental nature, the power of prayer and visualisation and mantra practice. He outlined one of the practices that he did continually during his illness called “The Guru Rinpoche of Healing “. He really stressed the power of prayer, even when hopeless – this can be a powerful way of coming to terms with things allowing us to be more fully in our situation, prepared for what comes.

This is what Michelle, one of the online participants said: 

“I was at the Rigpa Berlin weekend talk on healing with Alain Beauregard a few years back and having Alain’s presence was really wonderful but honestly the 3 hour of this hybrid seminar (with tea breaks!) was like having Alain right with us as he creates such a warm and personable atmosphere. His talk is of immeasurable benefit as it’s not only about healing illness but in his words what’s really important is “healing our being”.”

And Alain himself said this: 

“It was really wonderful to be able to share my own experience of healing during this event organised by the Rigpa Dublin Center. The organisation was flawless and this event demonstrated that it is quite possible to teach on healing, and share quite personal experiences, in a hybrid event with participants both online and at a Rigpa center. I look forward to offering more hybrid talks like this!”

We are delighted that Alain will be coming in person to Ireland next October. He will give teachings in Rigpa Dublin, Cork and a weekend retreat in Dzogchen Beara. 

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