The Power of Presence

Accompanying people facing loss or the end of life

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Join us for a special session with Kirsten DeLeo, meditation teacher and author of Present Through The End – A Caring Companion’s Guide For Accompanying the Dying.

  • How can we help a parent struggling with ill health?
  • How can we support a partner or friend diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?
  • How can we stay sane and be kind to ourselves in the process?

In this interactive workshop, Kirsten will share some simple practices to support us respond to other’s needs, listen fully, talk about what matters and how to practice self-care in the midst of everything.

Kirsten DeLeo is a meditation teacher and author of the award-winning book “Present Through The End. A Caring Companion’s Guide for Accompanying the Dying”.
She helped to pioneer “Authentic Presence”, one of the first training in contemplative end-of-life care in the US. Kirsten has been immersed in Buddhist practice for over twenty years, including attending a three-year meditation retreat.
Kirsten lives near the Dzogchen Beara Buddhist Meditation Centre in West Cork where she teaches regularly and supports the guests of the Spiritual Care Centre.
Kirsten is known for her clarity and warmth and shares the practices of meditation and compassion in a down-to-earth way.

More about Kirsten:


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