Standing on the Threshold

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Supporting people through grief, loss and the end of life

Workshop with Kirsten DeLeo, author of Present Through The End

What can we say to a friend whose heart is broken by grief?
How can we connect with a parent struggling with ill health or dementia?
How can we support a partner diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?
How can we stay sane and be kind to ourselves in the process?

It’s normal and deeply human to feel helpless and overwhelmed when we are confronted by these situations. In this workshop, we will explore how we can be there fully while being aware of but not limited by our fears and concerns. Kirsten will share from her own experience caring for people for more than twenty-five years and introduce practical contemplative methods inspired by the Buddhist tradition. These methods can support us to develop greater self-kindness and care for a person’s deeper needs and questions.

When we dare to stand at the very threshold of life and death with another, we have the chance to cultivate fearless compassion—and to enter sacred space.

Kirsten has been teaching in the field of contemplative care for more than twenty-five years. She has served in palliative care/hospice as an educator, counsellor and chaplain in the US and Europe. In 2002, she helped to pioneer “Authentic Presence”, one of the first training in contemplative end-of-life care in the US. Based on her experience, she wrote the award-winning book “Present Through The End”. A Caring Companion’s Guide for Accompanying the Dying”. Kirsten is a long-time Buddhist practitioner and is currently on the steering committee of the European Buddhist Union’s chaplaincy network. She teaches regularly at Dzogchen Beara and is part of the care team supporting guests at the Spiritual Care Centre.


This is a hybrid workshop with two options:

Follow in the Rigpa centre, 3rd Floor, 12 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 (entrance: glass door to the left of shop)
Follow online via Zoom


By donation. The suggested donation is EUR 65. If money is a genuine obstacle, please give what currently feels appropriate to you and what you are able to give.

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Tel: 01-6703358

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