From Calm to Clarity

From Calm to Clarity

Bank Holiday Weekend Retreat with Verena Pfeiffer

Offered by Dzogchen Beara – Buddhist Meditation Centre

Friday 27 October, 7.30pm to  Monday 30 October, 1pm


Join Dzogchen Beara for this practice retreat with a special focus on deeply understanding the Buddhist view of the nature of reality.

The Buddha said that the main cause of suffering, stress and the difficulties we experience in our life, is ignorance – not knowing the nature of reality. So what helps to alleviate suffering is to have a more accurate understanding and experience of how things truly are.

Whether we are beginners on the Buddhist path, or experienced dharma practitioners, it can be so helpful to deeply reflect on how we see ourselves and the world, how we relate to everything that happens in our life and how we can bring out the view, which is at the heart of our practice.

We will approach the view of the nature of reality step by step, going through the stages of impermanence, interdependence and emptiness.

This will be a practice retreat and not heavily focused on theory and intellectual elaborations, but more on meditation and contemplation.


Verena Pfeiffer portrait bioVerena Pfeiffer
Verena Pfeiffer is from Germany and has been a student of Buddhism since 2005. She attended Rigpa’s 2006–2009 Three Year Retreat and has been studying at Rigpa Shedra East in Pharping, Nepal under the guidance of Khenchen Namdrol since 2007.Verena regularly helps to lead teaching retreats in Rigpa. She has recently begun teaching at the Rigpa Shedra, using Khenpo Kunpal’s commentary on the Bodhicharyavatara. Verena lives in the Netherlands with her partner and their much-adored dog.


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