Embracing Change – 8 week course

embracing change event

8 week online course offered by Dzogchen Beara

“Nothing is permanent, except change” The Buddha

Much as we would like to control how things work out, we cannot always do that, which can lead to unhappy states of mind. When we contemplate deeply from the space of meditation we can develop more space, humour, perspective and be better prepared to flow with how life unfolds. We can begin to embrace the possibilities that change can bring.

Contemplative practices form the basis of many wisdom traditions. During this eight-week course we will learn how to contemplate in the Buddhist tradition and will specifically focus on how in life everything is constantly changing.

This course will include guided meditation and contemplations, discussion, and advice on how to integrate meditation and contemplation into our everyday life.

Embracing Change offers a practical, compassionate approach to support you in contemplating and adapting to life’s challenges.



Thursdays 7pm – 8.30pm (Irish time), October 27 to December 15


Follow online via Zoom.


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Course Teachers and Instructors

Susan BrowneSusan Browne portrait

Susan Browne has 30 years experience of Buddhist meditation and compassion practices.
She has been guiding groups and individuals in retreat over the past 25 years, both at Dzogchen Beara, and at the Institute of Wisdom and Compassion, France.
Susan specialises in individual sessions, giving guidance on meditation methods that will help best move through challenges one is facing.

Anne Sheehan

Anne Sheehan has spent many years studying and practising meditation. She is an experienced instructor who has an ability to communicate the depth of the Buddhist teachings in a very accessible way. She regularly instructs on Meditation and Loving Kindness on events at Dzogchen Beara Retreat Centre and at Rigpa Centres throughout Ireland.


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