Rigpa offers a special series of outreach programmes, translating the core values of the ancient wisdom tradition of Tibet into different fields of contemporary life. These include:

The Spiritual Care Programme

Young women taking care of on old ladyRigpa’s Spiritual Care Programme offers practical ways in which the which the compassion and wisdom of the Buddhist teachings can be of benefit to those facing illness or death and also to their families and medical caregivers.

Since 1993, the Spiritual Care Education Programme has brought the compassionate methods described in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche, into training for professionals and volunteers who work in health and social care settings.

Spiritual Care International

The Care Centre at Dzogchen Beara is home to the Spiritual Care Education Programme in Ireland

Spiritual Care Ireland

The Temple at Dzogchen Beara

3D Dzogchen Beara temple simulation The first Buddhist temple in Ireland is going to be built at Dzogchen Beara.  The temple will be built in the style of a traditional Tibetan monastery, a form of architecture designed to be an inspiring symbol of the Buddha’s teachings.

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International Forum on Buddhism and Medicine

In a spirit of dialogue and exchange, these events bring together eminent Buddhist masters with leading doctors, scientists and historians from all over the world, to share the view of their respective traditions.

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Rigpé Yéshé

Rigpé Yéshé logoThe heart of Rigpé Yéshé’s vision is to offer children and teenagers an authentic spiritual path so that they can grow into wise, compassionate and happy young people who have confidence in their true nature, the courage to face the challenges of the modern world and who can be truly of benefit to others.

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Preserving the Wisdom Culture of Tibet

Temple at Lerab LingIn the East, Rigpa actively supports a number of monasteries, nunneries and study centres. Rigpa also supports individual masters and practitioners, as well as social programmes, in a concerted effort to help keep alive the great wisdom culture of Tibet.

Additionally, Rigpa also sponsors an annual programme of practice intensives (drupchen) and prayer gatherings (mönlam), that are a unique feature of the Buddhist tradition of Tibet, and considered to be especially powerful for bringing peace in the world, harmony to the environment, and benefit to all living beings.

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 Treasury of Wisdom

The Rigpa Treasury of Wisdom project aims to preserve and make available a unique collection of teachings given by some of the most outstanding masters of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

A unique feature of Rigpa’s programme is that it regularly hosts teachers of all Tibetan Buddhist traditions who give teachings and empowerments, as well as Buddhist masters of other lineages, and teachers from different spiritual traditions.

Such diversity is a continuation of the rimé or ‘non-sectarian’ approach, advocated by Sogyal Rinpoche’s master Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö who was an incarnation of one of the initiators of the rimé movement—the great 19th century master Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo.

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