Taking care of your mind 
Taking care of your mind event
Exploring the Buddha’s teachings on meditation, compassion & wisdom in our daily lives.
We all have incredible resources within us. At times due to habits these can be forgotten or hidden from us. Consciously or not, we often prefer familiarity to change, even when we’re stuck in habits that no longer serve us. Through the power of awareness, appreciation and kindness we can rediscover and strengthen our own inner wisdom and good heart.

In this course we will explore the incredible wisdom and compassion of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings. We will also look at recent studies in neuroscience and the science of habits. We will employ the practices of awareness, gratitude and kindness and create new habits that nourish and serve us better. Each evening there will be guidance on meditation and an opportunity to practice together.

Please contact Anthony for more details on how to join on  086 061 7701. You can also email to athlone@rigpa.ie.

There is a suggested donation of €8 per class or €6 per class for those on reduced income or else whatever you can afford.

Open to everyone.

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