Path to Freedom

Uncover buddha nature

Exploring Mind, Uncovering its True Nature

A step by step exploration of mind and its true nature


Our understanding of our mind and how we exist is generally vague and confused. We do not know what mind consists of, how it functions, or who or what we really are.

Even though we call this a ‘course’, it’s a discovery process that’s shared by like-minded people, fellow explorers, sharing our insights and findings, in a gradual and progressive way. We’ll be exploring our own mind, seeing its convictions, habits and reactions, directly for ourselves. Such an understanding can free us from compulsively playing out old stories and habits.

The course is open to anyone with an interest in exploring the buddhist perspective on mind, whether you are a newcomer or a long time dharma student, all are welcome to attend.


What to expect

Principally using the practice of contemplation, we will explore the most profound Buddhist insights on mind and its nature and examine the relevance (or not!) of those points for us personally: how an unexamined mind affects our daily living and our exposure to suffering.

We will begin with a deep introduction to the practice of meditation, which will be used throughout the course.

This is about discovering, investigating, using our own mind, not just thinking about what things mean but asking what does it feel like, reflecting on things that matter to us in a personal way.  No solutions offered, just some clues, and a bit of guidance as to how to inquire, how to investigate.


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Additional Course Details

This will be a complete course offered over 2021, divided into three by three-month sections, beginning on Wednesday January 20th 7:30 – 8.30pm

Part 1: January 20th – March 30th 2021 (10 sessions) no session on March 17th

We will alternate focus each week: one week the whole group meets together, the teachings are presented and we listen to and contemplate these insights on mind and its nature; the following week, we meet in small groups to meditate, contemplate further and discuss our insights, each small group guided by an instructor.

Among the topics that the first three-month section of the course will cover are:


Course Leaders

The main presenters of the course are Olivier Riche, Cecily Leonard and Martin Leonard and they will be joined by other Rigpa senior instructors during the course. The presentations will draw from the teachings of both contemporary Buddhist teachers,  a deep and ancient lineage of meditation instructions from the Buddhist tradition and contemporary scientific discoveries.

Olivier Riche

Olivier has studied and practised meditation for 20 years and has been guiding practices and instructing on retreats since 2012. He worked for three years at Dzogchen Beara where he facilitated many retreats and guided meditations. Olivier also offers regular meditations for members of his community and for staff at his workplace.


Cecily LeonardCecily Leonard

Cecily first met the dharma in 1978 and found  meditation, introduced then, helped settle her chaotic mind, bit by bit. Soon too, she met several teachers whose ease and clarity and profound advices show who we are, how we can be. Cecily tries out their advice as best she can in everyday life, and loves exploring the richness of all this with others along the way.


Martin Leonard portraitMartin Leonard

Martin has been studying the Buddhist teachings for over forty years and has received teachings from such eminent Tibetan masters as Dudjom Rinpoche and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. He has completed a three year retreat. His style is both humorous and approachable


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