Meditation in Action

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Are you looking to cultivate a calm and clear mind amidst the pressures of your daily life?

This course is intended for those who want to realise the benefits of meditation, wisdom and compassion, here and now in their daily life, to find more joy and spontaneity in every moment.

Meditation in Action will present these themes:

  • Week 1: Opening our hearts
  • Week 2: Spaciousness, mindfulness and awareness
  • Week 3: Thriving with change
  • Week 4: How to make everything spiritual
  • Week 5: Living in tune with reality
  • Week 6: Taking charge of your life

Meditation in Action is a 6-week course:

  • with one session per week every Thursday evening from 7.00pm to 8:30pm,
  • from 4 July  to 8 August,
  • held online on Zoom

Learn and practice the ancient art of meditation, working with your heart and mind, to cultivate your awareness and spaciousness.


About Bodhi

At Bodhi, we explore together, how each moment can be an opportunity to develop that peace and clarity, for our own wellbeing and that of others.

Bodhi offers a comprehensive meditation, compassion and wisdom program combining the essence of 2500 years of Buddhist mind training with the insights of modern science. Our aim is to contribute to greater mental clarity and compassionate and connected co-existence in the world.

This Bodhi project was created by experienced meditation practitioners and teachers as members of the Rigpa world-wide community.

Each Bodhi event offers:

  • Inspiring short stories from the Buddha’s life
  • Guided contemplations
  • Creative group discussions
  • Time for reflection and contemplation
  • Different meditation methods
  • Answers to your personal questions
  • Practical tips for integrating your meditation practice into daily life



  • Standard: €90
  • Concession / Rigpa Members: €60
  • Students / under 25: €30
  • Benefactor: €120

About Órla Studdert

Órla has been studying and practising meditation since the late ‘90s. A teacher and practice holder in the Rigpa Nyingma tradition, Órla completed a three-year retreat under the guidance of Sogyal Rinpoche and spent many years studying and doing retreat in Nepal. Órla is passionate about how, when applied to oneself, these priceless teachings can bring stability and confidence in one’s true nature, thereby liberating the mind from suffering. Órla has been teaching meditation in Ireland in Primary and Secondary schools since 2020.

Naomi Gassler portraitAbout Naomi Gassler

Naomi is a writer, longtime meditator, and teacher in the Rigpa organisation. She studied physics and mathematics and received her Ph.D. from Northeastern University, Boston, USA. In 1997 she moved to Lerab Ling, Rigpa’s retreat centre in the south of France, and has since then worked to help with the translation and transmission of the ancient Buddhist wisdom to the Western World. She is passionate about finding ways to integrate the wisdom and compassion of the teachings of the Buddha into our everyday activities, and thus dissolving any separation between daily life and one’s own spiritual path. Naomi, a transgender woman, enjoys cooking and baking for her friends and for her family, as well as planning and constructing wooden chalets in Lerab Ling.



4th July – 8th August, 2024

7:00 p.m – 8:30 p.m.



Online only



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