Love in a Time of Uncertainty

with Andrew Warr

In this one hour session, Andrew Warr is inviting us to look at how we can keep an open heart and remain centred and grounded in a time of uncertainty. This free event will be live streamed on Rigpa (International)’s facebook page and Rigpa Videos’ YouTube channel.

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In the earlier stages of the pandemic, we may have experienced fear, whether for our own well-being or concern about our loved ones. Now, many of us are facing uncertainty and new challenges as we, with the rest of the world, take tentative steps into the future.

The future is uncertain but we always have the present moment to return to and abide in, free from the proliferation of thoughts about what the future might bring.

In the present, we can learn to keep an open heart and cultivate goodwill and kindness towards ourselves and others.

Familiarising ourselves with our innate good-heartedness is a powerful means to restore and enhance well-being and find some freedom from the tensions and anxieties that might otherwise predominate.

This session will include short guided meditations on the classical Buddhist practice for cultivating loving kindness. There will also be time for questions and answers.

Andrew Warr has had a regular meditation practice for 45 years and has been studying and practising Buddhist meditation since 1982. He has been teaching meditation for over 30 years and since 2001 has been leading courses, seminars, and retreats, principally on the subject of loving kindness, in Europe, Australia and North America.

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